Short film

A motion picture not as long as any featured film is the short film. In simple words, a short film can be said as per the Academy of motion picture arts and sciences as an original moving picture that runs for 40 minutes or less including all the credits. Most short films are based on the documentaries and daily routine lives of people living in a society. There are some rules to be followed while doing a short film. Like normal films hitting on a screen, short films also need all the required equipment and artists to perform. Most probably these films hit on Youtube channels and other social media networks to get a positive feedback from the audience that makes them tap for likes and comments.

Most young minds love to be a director or an artist by profession and will take their first step by means of short films. These type of films contains a clear script like a feature film that hits on screen. This tells an entire story in a short time with all the background works like a budget film of three-hours either in episodes or for a short duration. Most celebrity directors come out by directing such successful short films at their early stages of life.