Funchal International Film Festival

Films is an art of entertainment which is directed with many artists along with all forms of background music, lightning and actions, thrillers and horrors, graphics and animations, and lot more comprised to tell a particular story that reaches the audience in a faster way. Most humans feel that watching films is the best entertainment along with their beloved ones. In ancient days, the art of acting starts from stage performance. Later on, black and white films were the trending movies in the previous centuries. Now, digital movies are trending across all over the world as we are living in a digital world.



World’s film festival

Before starting a new beginning or after a successful ending, we used to have a festival or celebration with close circumstances or overall grand occasions. Likewise, when a film is yet to be started it is necessary to announce details and participation of the film to the media or press. Likewise, top hit films will be selected for that particular year by special jury members and present those films an award. This occurs during Funchal international film festival that used to hold in the Teatro Municipal Balthazar Dias. This presents a wide selection of independent films in a variety of genres. It comprises an international competition among the feature and short films, animation, documentaries and other local completion films that were produced in Madeira. Every year also features a retrospective of the best Portuguese filmmakers.

The most intention of filmmakers is to screen the films that are unsetting and profound hopefully impinging upon the viewer’s imagination. Genres include adventure, art-house, Asian, Black Comedy, Bollywood Comedy, Drama, Foreign Language, French, Historical, Independent, Musical, National, Reality, Religious, Romance, Short, Student, Thriller, War, and Women. These are the concepts which most filmmakers direct. Madeira Island is chosen to screen films along the forest to inspire and nurture local talent and also to challenge and stimulate the audience by virtue of audio-visual communication.


A great privilege to the filmmakers

Usually, filmmakers personally present their work in this platform where they can receive applauds and positive outcomes from huge audiences that show up a live performance. The festival makers present an award ‘Laurissilva Ambassador’ to the winners in remembrance of the endemic forest that helps to create awareness and conservation. Next comes is the volunteers and organizers who behave in a friendly and lovely manner to the people with excellent communication. And moreover, this is the best place where one can begin their career as a filmmaker or producer or an actor or musician or a technician, etc. This is the right place to prove the talents and show up your creativity and ideas by means of films on screens.

The film festival is surrounded by its beautiful spectacular places over the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding villages. This lays the best spot for filmmakers who prefer to shoot any music film or any romantic films. This festival features challenging, fantastic, and surreal films, a landscape to match and spring temperatures in December. Hence this festive theme seems to be a magical and adventurous experience for cineastes. This fantastic event for creative, international and auteur cinema, presents those surreal and eccentric films from all over the world. After the show, the volunteers organize a live performance and cinematic music sets on the first and last night of the festival make the viewers enjoy each and every moment a fun-filled and cheer the personalities to present their works on screen. Apart from these enjoyments, the viewers can have beautiful glimpses of sun rays falling over the ocean and the village of Ponta do sol.


Filmmaking process

It will be a privilege to the winners for their creative and extraordinary film with the thundering of applause from the audience and echo sounds of their hands all over the stage with little tense and heart full of happiness while receiving such a respect from the Great Legends. There are some certain rules and regulations that are to be followed by the filmmakers before launching their films on screen. At first, the filmmakers are ought to pay the required amount as an entry fee and they must submit a short script about their work. The shortlisted finalists are allowed to screen their films based on their screening process. Most of the filmmakers try to hit the screens based on the documentary films apart from action and comics. Since documentary films need not budget more whereas action and comics may cost more.

Filmmaking process undergoes step by step process at three stages namely pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production process includes planning and getting ready to film. Production comprises of production and post-production includes completion of the entire film works and getting ready to hit them on screens. Planning can be a demo before getting into a film taking i.e. checking the lights, cameras, possibilities of interruptions and distractions, atmosphere, camera positions, getting permission, and lot more. Production includes the equipment before you get into the work, spending enough time to take a demo before getting to a serious filmmaking. Video and audio are the life and soul of a motion picture. Hence it is necessary to check the video and audio quality with the background music or ambiance that helps while editing. Post-production is the editing and sharing is the place where to add titles, sounds, and effects wherever it is needed.